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Pook, Apr 17 2007 07:14 pm( Reply )

ER.... - Okay, so I ran out for a while there.
I don't have an excuse for the...lack of updates.
I just haven't been able to draw, especially not on the computer.

So that's why this comic's hand-drawn, and why it's the first update in...a long time. XDD

But I'm back! And I'll try to at least update with a hand-drawn comic while I can. =D

Sorry for not being here!

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Reader Comments:

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She's even cuter hand-drawn. 8D (though not as purpley, of course)

It looks cool to me how you drew it on paper, then did the panels and such on the computer. :3

posted by Red Cat Rosse on Apr 18 2007 05:40 pm

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Oh, I'm glad you like how the panels are. It's SO convenient to do it that way. XD
Maying perfect ractangles by hand is almost impossible.

posted by Pook on Apr 18 2007 05:43 pm

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It looks lots neater with computer panels. 8)

I wish I had hair like Mara. ;o;

posted by lilybell25 on Apr 18 2007 06:23 pm

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I've got curly brown hair, but it's not fun like Mara's. XD
I wish I looked good with bangs. I'd totally make myself have A mara-hair cut. =D

posted by Pook on Apr 18 2007 06:27 pm

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