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Pook, Jan 17 2007 10:27 am( Reply )

- Sorry, again, for being such a lazy bum!

On a side note, this section of the comic's almost over! Like around two comics away from being over! Woah!

Then the next (main) section will begin. Mara'll be all grown up! I'd call these section things chapters, but I'm not a big fan of chapters, and by "not a fan of chapters" I mean I'm too lazy to make chapter covers. So call them whatever you want. Haha. You get the idea.

Now I'm off to visit Jeze! Bye for now!
I'll get to updating soon!

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Oh, but of course, if you really want a cover or something, tell me! I can do it if you want it. XD
But if it doesn't make a difference I'm not going to do them.

posted by Pook on Jan 17 2007 10:29 am

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Time skip!!!

I'ma junior too!

Exams start the day after tomorrow for me, though.

posted by Croon on Jan 17 2007 11:26 am

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awesomeness! we're all juniors here! YaY!!1!

school sucks sometimes, ne? :3

posted by catqueen13 on Jan 17 2007 07:57 pm

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Wow! Class of '08 is popular! Haha.

I'm pretty good with schoolwork, but man some classes get on my nerves! Especially religion (I go to catholic school) because my teacher's creepy. Oh well, I don't have school till Monday, so I won't think about him and his stupidity anymore!

Anyway, anybody have an opinion about a chapter cover for the next little section? =D

posted by Pook on Jan 17 2007 08:36 pm

Meee tooo! ( Reply )

I'm a junior high schooler! ^^

posted by [Mizu.Chan] on Jan 18 2007 03:17 pm

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I am NOT a... whatever you are. High school person.

I could care less for chapters meself. 83

posted by Red Cat Rosse on Jan 18 2007 06:29 pm

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